Challenge Starts September 16th and Ends November 10th

Last day to join and pay your entry fee is September 12th

$10 will be put into a pot for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners.
The other $5 will go towards paypal fees, website fees, blog maintenance etc.

1 prize each week will be given to the person with the most points.  For example: if we have 5 people with 70 points (which has happened) we will use to draw a name. That person will receive the prize for that particular week. All participants will be eligible to win including sponsors, contributors, helpers. They too need the prizes to help with their own motivation. They are just making this challenge possible. With out their help and donations this challenge would not happen.

At the end of the challenge the person with the most points wins 75% of the money.  The 2nd person with the highest points will receive 15% of the money. The 3rd person with the highest points will receive 10% of the money.

If we have 2 people tie for first place, they will split the 1st place and 2nd place winnings. If we have 3 or more people tie for first place, they will split all of the money and there won't be a 2nd place or a 3rd place.

-There are 10 possible points a day. You get 1 point for each wellness habit you accomplish. Your weekly goal is 70 points.

-Free points: YOU GET ONE FREE POINT IN EACH CATEGORY, EACH WEEK. For example: You can choose one day each week to skip writing in your journal and still give yourself a point. It is just considered a FREE POINT. Or you can use all of your free points on one specific day.  However, these are not roll-over points! Unused free points will be lost at the end of each week.

-Wellness week is Monday-Sunday

-Points earned each week must be entered by Monday evening at midnight to count towards the weekly prize. If you miss this deadline, still turn your points in so they count towards your overall total. 

*Birthdays are a free day! If you don't have a birthday during the 8 weeks, choose one free day and pretend its your birthday.

*You are allowed 3 sick days (if you are truly sick) when you do not need to exercise or follow the water/veggie/fruit rule (if you can't eat) YOU MUST FOLLOW EVERYTHING ELSE.

*FREE DAYS  for specific monthly Holidays

    • Columbus Day (October 14th)
    • Halloween (October 31st)

    These are extra days on top of your already weekly free points.

     This is based on the honor system so please be honest.