Monday, November 25, 2013

{Health Challenge #2 - WINNERS}

We had a wonderful 8 week challenge full of fun, inspiring stories, prizes, and even weight loss!

Our AMAZING sponsors made it so much better. Without them our challenge would not have been as fun or competitive. Make sure to check them out and remember them as you are shopping this Christmas season.


Our Health and Wellness Challenge winner for week 8 will receive the Botanical necklace from My Premier Designs. The winner is......(insert drum roll)

Krista Manning


Everyone did an amazing job! The best part is we had {15} participants with a perfect score!!! They will split the "POT" of money.  Each one will receive  $43.33

Jana Atwood
Eric Atwood
Gail Browning
Anissa Chapman
Tawnya Clawson
Nicole Coles
Sara Jackson
Krista Manning
Kim Matthews
LoraDawn Mckinley
Christina Park
Karri Smith
Chastity Von Lutzlow
Pat Whitacre
Len Whitacre


Image Source: Bitsy Blossom

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