Monday, November 18, 2013

{Health Challenge #2- Week 8}

These last 8 weeks have been amazing! I have heard so many wonderful success stories. Some about weight loss and having more energy. Some about being happier due to journaling, feeling accomplished, and doing little acts of kindness. I have also heard several stories about women just trying their very best despite health issues or other trials going on. No matter how many points you ended with, the most important thing is you tried and you are better for it.


I love getting emails from our participants. It is what drives me to continue to host these challenges. Here are two emails I received last week. Thank you for sharing with us.

Thanks for doing this challenge! It has been great for my husband and me. He lost 9 lbs and I lost 4 lbs, and also both of us lost inches as well. Mostly though we have a lot more energy. I used to just want to crash around 2 or 3 PM, now I am up and getting things done that I've always wanted to do. We feel happier and healthier. It was great to do together--we had accountability with each other, and I think we both had moments where we would have caved without the others support. It was a wonderful 8 weeks! 


Got the full 70 points , sort- of had a celebration today. But don't want to undo what I've done. I don't know if you share successes but I lost over 10 pounds.

~ Tawnya



Our Health and Wellness Challenge winner for week 7 will receive a handmade tote from  BLESSINGS AND BLOSSOMS. The winner is......(insert drum roll)

Marie Guthrie
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