Monday, October 28, 2013

{Health Challenge #2 - Week 6}

I have always admired runners. Their strength and determination is amazing to me. I personally am not a runner......yet! I would love to be though. I want to be able to run and not feel like I am going to die after 1minute. I don't really have a desire to run a marathon or even a half marathon for that matter. I just want to be able to run a 5k with ease. So, I downloaded and started the Couch to 5k app on my iPhone. It is an 8 week program with a schedule to run 3 times per week. The goal is to be able to run a full 5k in 40 minutes on the last day of the program. Pretty cool! 

Today's was my first run. It was 30 minutes long. It started with a 5 minute brisk walk to warm up. Then 1.5 minute walk, 1 minute run, 1.5 minute walk, 1 minute run  for 20 minutes. Then ended with a 5 minute cool down. I felt great after I was done.

If you want to start running I really suggest this program to get you going. It is easy to use and the best part is you can listen to your own music playlists while using the app.


  5 Halloween Pinterest Pins I have used this last week.
This super fun Halloween Bowling Set .
It was a huge hit at 2 different parties.

This Witch Pitch game was a huge hit too. 
Especially by the older kids.

I made these adorable Halloween Monster Cups and used black and white striped paper straws. The kids loved them!

I used The WITCH IS IN digital kit to design our 
Halloween party invitation.

As much as I try to eat healthfully, I do indulge in unhealthful treats from time to time. I made these GIANT SALTED PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES yesterday! They are my new favorite cheat treat!


Our Health and Wellness Challenge week 5 winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to JessicaBe Jewelry . And the winner is..... (insert drum roll please) 

Nicole Coles

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  1. I just realized that I could have taken Oct 14th off. Dang It! Thanks for all you are doing. I've lost 8lb! Go me!

  2. WOW! Tawnya that is awesome! 8 pounds lost!!! Good for you! Thank you for sharing that with us.

  3. Nicole, Jessica will be contacting you soon about redeeming your prize. :)


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