Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{Winner of the $25 Gift Card}

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I LOVE our Health and Wellness challenge group. There is so much passion and drive from each of our participants.  Each one is an inspiration to me with their own goals and stories. Christina from Arizona posted this yesterday on our facebook page .
Yesterday I was so excited to get the challenge off to a great start. Little did I know that my family would be spending the entire day in the ER of Phoenix Children's Hospital getting my six month old son evaluated for bleeding in his brain. Still, I kept my water bottle handy, ate a veggie burger and salad from the cafeteria when I went to feed my two year old, and managed to complete EVERY single category even though it meant doing yoga at 10:30 last night when we got home. I knew that if I could do it yesterday I had ZERO excuse to not get a perfect score every single day. I hope you all are ready to bring it because my game face is officially on! Just remember - you're tougher than you think!!
 Thank you Christina for being an inspiration to all of us. You are absolutely right. We are stronger than we think! 
I had a few more entry's trickle in Monday night so I am still updating the participants page. I can't wait to give you a total. I know right now we are at 60 participants with $600 in the "POT" and I still have a few more to add!!

Now to announce the winner of the $25 gift card of your choice. Thanks to all of you who participated. THE WINNER IS ......... ANDREA LE ALBEE !!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

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  2. Oh my goodness- Your poor baby! I hope he has a speedy recovery. Let me know if you and your family need anything:)
    BTW I've already noticed a huge difference, since the wellness challenge started. Talk to you soon & hope to see you at church!


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