Thursday, February 7, 2013

{DIY LOVE Paper Banner - tutorial}

I keep seeing so many fun Valentine projects and I am definitely lacking in my Valentine decor. Ummm... I don't own anything other than a heart dish.....until now that is.  Paper crafting is something I have always loved doing and is even a bit therapeutic for me. I enjoy every minute of the creating process and couldn't be happier with my "LOVE" banner.

To start this banner I used an old book I bought at a garage sale for a quarter as my background. I gently tore out 6 pages, trimmed up the edges and cut the bottom upside down V shape I then mounted each book page on to card stock to make my banner sturdier.  Then I sewed around the edges using my sewing machine. (I enjoy sewing on paper more than fabric) . Next I used a pink ball fringe and sewed it on the top of each book page separately. I painted around the edges with white paint to add an old shabby feel. 

Next I cut out (four) 4"x4" pink squares to add as a background for my letters. To add some vintage detail, use a distressing ink pad to ink up the edges of the squares.  Then adhere them to your book page. Next I used this Paper Crimper to add the wavy texture to my red cardstock.  I then used the wavy paper to cut out my letters. Adhere them to the pink squares and add white brads to the corners and jewels to the letters. 

Cut out 2 hearts from dark brown paper. Adhere them to the end pages and add a BIG red brad to the middle.  Now find 2 different ribbons and string them through each page to create your banner. Make sure to leave enough ribbon length on each end to add some draping ribbon detail. Step back and Admire your work!

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