Thursday, December 6, 2012

{Green Juice - perfect for food overload}

I love juicing. It is refreshing and usually pretty tasty. But my favorite part about drinking green juice is the way it makes me feel. I know that when I drink it I feel lighter, cleaner, and full. I especially love drinking it in the hot Arizona summers or when I am on food overload. The last few days I have felt the need to cleanse and also the need for additional fruits and veggies. So I turned to my trusty green juice. I felt so much better after drinking 32 ounces. I replaced my lunch with this juice and it was well worth it.

Green Juice

1 lemon peeled
1 large cucumber
1 apple ( i usually use fuji or gala)
1/3 to 1/2 bunch of Kale
10 fresh mint leaves

Using an electric juicer juice all of the above ingredients. Mix well and pour over ice. Enjoy.

Note: You can play around with the recipe until it fits your needs. I try to add a lot of Kale because it is so full of nutrients. If my kale or cucumber are over powering the drink or has a bit of a bitter taste I will add an additional apple or lemon.

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