Monday, December 31, 2012

{5 Free 2013 Printables To Help You Stay Organized}

I am a little obsessed with calendars and sheets that help me keep me organized.
 *I always print out a calendar at the beginning of each year and revise it often. 
 *I love the daily routine sheet. I was able to customize mine to fit my needs. It definitely helps me   stay on track. 
 * I used the commitment calendar for 2012 and loved being able to see what I accomplished. There is an option to download an excel version so you can customize it to your goals. 
*Blog calendar for those of you with blogs. It will help you plan out your week of posts. I am excited to use it for this blog. 
* The birthday calendar is great. You keep all the important birthdays in one spot. At the end of each month I take a look and see what birthday cards and gifts I need to do for the following month.

Link to 2012 Commitment Calendar (LDS Version). Tons of things you keep track of for 2013. Exercise, FHE, Visiting Teaching, Attending the Temple, Reading Scriptures, Etc.

Do you have a favorite printable that helps keep you organized? Please leave a comment with a link.

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