Monday, November 5, 2012

{Health Challenge Update - Week 1 Winner}

Hey Everyone, Heather here!
Week 2 of the Health and Wellness Challenge is over! How are you feeling about yourself? I know I am feeling so much better about all areas of my life.
I love this quote that I found on Pinterest,  it is so true.

I would rather get my workout or run done on any day, even if I don't really feel up to it, then to face myself or my kids (because they keep me accountable most days) then say "nope, I didn't feel like it or I gave up". Saying that I did it is so much more rewarding! So, all I have to say it JUST DO IT! :) You will thank yourself later!
Good Luck this week,  you are all doing awesome!


Health Challenge winner for week#1 


You will receive a magazine subscription of choice.
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We are so fortunate to have several AMAZING sponsors for this challenge.

Tulip Garden Crafts
is this weeks Health and Wellness sponsor. They are giving away a $25 Gift Certificate.  Becky the owner of Tulip Garden Crafts is an amazing paper crafter! She creates cards, little albums, treat containers, banners, and so much more! She really puts a lot of thought and detail into her projects. They are absolutely gorgeous. I know she can create something special for you.

Any of our Health and Wellness participants can win this by getting the most points during the week of November 5th - November

Go take a look around her 
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  1. LOVE the quote you shared... last week was very difficult for me and I was tempted a lot to eat things that are not good for me. I was able to resist for the most part and had way too much junk food this past weekend. I wanted to just give up on the Health Challenge all together but had to tell myself that I can't, I must keep going. I printed off this quote and have it hanging on my wall so I see it everyday. I want to be able to say I did It! :) Thank you for your post!

  2. I completely understand. Last week was a bit challenging for me too. I am glad you are sticking it out. Good For you!

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