Monday, November 19, 2012

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  What a week!! Sometimes life throws lemons and all you can do is try to stay above water.....

It all started with my daughter getting the flu Monday evening.  She was home from school Tuesday and went back to school on Wednesday but my 8 year old son stayed home not feeling well. Thank goodness his wasn't the full blown flu. He never even threw up.  THANKS TO ESSENTIAL OILS!! Then at noon when getting my 5 year old ready for afternoon kindergarten I noticed he had hives all over. He had an allergic reaction to something. He begged to go to school so I gave him some Benadryl and sent him on his way, praying he would be alright. His hives were pretty much gone by the time he got home from school.

My husband and I had planned to go out that evening so my sweet sister still watched our kids since they seemed to be feeling better. On our date we went out to eat and I ate something that made my stomach really sick. I have lots of food sensitivities so something I ate did not sit right. Then when we got home my son was once again covered in hives. HUGE welts all over his little body.  While watching him in the bath my 8 year old decided it would be funny to get my razor and shave MY head. I was sitting on the ground and he came up behind me and shaved a few hairs off the top. Thank goodness nothing noticeable. I actually laughed because it was so random and I didn't know how to respond to his actions. Thursday morning I received an email that put a damper on something I was planning. ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER..... ALL WEEK LONG!!!

After this week I was ready to throw in the towel on this challenge since I wasn't able to accomplish much on the list.

Thankfully Sunday helped rejuvenate me.  I was able to reflect a lot on what I was grateful for and how blessed I really am.  My husband is in church meetings all day long on Sundays so it is typically just me and my little ones. After church about 4:00pm I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and I could hear my children in the loft reading scriptures to each other.  It truly melted my heart as I heard their sweet little voices. I have amazing children who teach and inspire me. Then as my family (husband included) sat around the table for Sunday dinner my heart was overcome with gratitude for all I have. It was the perfect way to end an insane week.  It was just what I needed to remind me that life has it's challenges but we can start again each morning or in this situation a new week.

I woke up this morning ready to once again join the challenge.


Health Challenge winner for week#3

Gail Browning

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Rachel with Pampered Chef is this weeks Health and Wellness sponsor. She is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate for Pampered Chef products. I LOVE The Pampered Chef products. I own several items and still have a wish list. Below are just a few of my favorites. 
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 I absolutely love the pizza stone. I not only make homemade pizza but I also bake cookies, biscuits, gluten free crackers etc. on this baby. 
I LOVE this basting brush. It is made of silicone and is heat resistant.  I use it when spreading butter or oil on bread or to prep a pan for cooking. It is a must have!!

Love this chopper! I use it mostly for chopping nuts and veggies.

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