Thursday, November 1, 2012

{Free Printable Letter to Santa}

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I am so excited that it is November 1st. This is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love the weather, the hunt for that perfect gift, baking, serving others, family gatherings, wrapping gifts, Christmas music, hot chocolate, the anticipation for Santa Claus, and time to reflect on the life of my Savior

I decided to design this letter to Santa after not finding one to meet our needs. I really wanted to break down the gifts so my kids didn't just put down a million toys. Really they don't need them and I seriously don't want to find a spot to store them. So I broke it down in to something they would love to get, something they will read, something they need, something they will wear, and of course the #1 item they want. This is usually a bigger gift that is from Santa. I then add a special gift from my husband and I. It is usually something I make....blankets, memory books, hand embroidered book marks, rice heat bags to keep them warm, homemade super hero costumes with their initial because they are the super hero, handmade headbands and flowers, etc.

My kids wrote their Christmas list a few weeks ago. I really like to get a head start so I can be done shopping by Thanksgiving. I now have their lists and have already begun shopping. I like to enjoy a stress free Christmas

Do your kids usually write a letter to Santa?
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  1. Wow, I can't believe that you have already started shopping. I would love to be done early but it never happens.

  2. I love this letter! My little boys will love filling this out and it really will be so much nicer than having a huge list of toys. We are doing this for FHE tomorrow.

  3. Crystal, I don't usually get EVERYTHING done but always have good intentions too. Hopefully this year I will.

    Amanda, That is a great idea to do this for FHE.

  4. Really cute letter. I had my grandchildren write letters last year and they were excited to receive one back from Santa.

    We may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.

  5. Thank you! We are using this in my preschool class. It's great for keeping the "I wants" in moderation and the focus on ways to be nice is awesome!

  6. Heidi- I love this letter and cannot wait to print them and have fun tonight with the kids. Proud to me your newest follower!
    Christmas Hugs, Jen @ frazzled5

  7. Thank you Sue!

    Lisa, I am so glad you can use this for your preschool.

    Jen, you are so sweet! Thank you for becoming a follower.

  8. Sorry but this is not a free printout, unless I'm doing something wrong. Amazing format though!

    1. It should be now. Sorry, I fixed the problem.

  9. Hi! I have to pay for a subscription in order to print this out. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thank you!

  10. Sorry, the website it was loaded on used to be free. I just changed the format so it should be free again. Thanks.

  11. Thank you so much!
    Warmly, Michelle


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