Monday, October 1, 2012

{Motivational Monday}

Quote Source : Natalie's Sentiments

I love this quote because it is a reminder that no one is perfect. No matter how ones life is portrayed on the outside. We are bombarded by pinterest, blogs, facebook and other social media that portrays so many lives as perfect. The person who has the perfectly decorated home that probably never gets messy. The women who serves meals that look too perfect to eat. The women who looks perfectly stylish in all her what to wear photos. Well of course they look perfect. Those pictures are about to be displayed for the whole world to see. I bet if you were to look at those rooms, meals or even that person when not being spotlighted they too wouldn't be so perfect.

I think this video by the ladies from Our Best Bites is a great example of this.

It is so easy for us to compare our own lives with what is being blasted at us all over the internet. I know I have done it and then have to stop myself before I become overwhelmed with the self pity of not being good enough. I remember that most of what I see online is typically the best in peoples lives and not their imperfections. We all have strengths and we need to remember our own.

My challenge to you:  The next time you start to feel less of a person because of the perfections of someone else I want you to list off 10 of your own strengths. This will help you remember you are AWESOME too!

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