Thursday, October 11, 2012

{DIY Halloween Wreath - By Lacey}

I love adding a few new things to my holiday decorations each year. This year I was itching to make a fun Halloween wreath.  I fell in love with this Halloween Chevron Wreath made by Tatertots and Jello!  Let's be honest. It had me at chevron!

I took inspiration from her wreath and went to work!

I recently made some couch pillows for our sectional and I may or may not have bought a tad bit more green chevron fabric than I needed! Even after making 3 of those big pillows I still had enough fabric leftover to use it as a table cloth at our Back To School Dinner, I used a little bit of it for my halloween wreath, and I still have maybe a yard leftover for another fun project. See. Sometimes it's okay to buy way more than you need! Especially when it comes to fabric!

I started by purchasing a wire wreath from Jo-Anns. On top of the 40% off coupon, occasionally, Joann's will throw in a 20% off your total purchase. Score! So I got the wreath for maybe 3 bucks! I also purchased some felt in purple, orange, and black for my felt flowers. And I got the spiders from the Dollar Store. I already had the scrap fabric so in total I spent about $6 on my wreath!

Start out by cutting out 4 inch stripes of your fabric. My chevron material was originally 4 yards so I only had to do one long cut. Take the stripes and wrap it around your wreath and secure it with hot glue.

The next part requires a little more time and cutting. We are going to make the banner for the inside of the wreath. First thing I did was measure how long I wanted each banner to be. From there start cutting out your triangles. I used 5 different fabrics but it's really personal preference. Once you have them all cut lay the triangles in the order that you want them. Using your sewing maching sew a straight line across the top to join all the triangles together.

Once your banners are all sewn together, decide how you want them to hang, and then attatch them to the back of your wreath with hot glue.

I used black, purple, and orange felt to make fabric flowers. I won't go in to detail on how to make those because there are a million tutorials online on how to make them. Besides getting burned by my hot glue gun, they are pretty easy to make. Just time sensitive cutting out all the circles!

I used some more leftover fabric to hang my wreath from and I glued my creepy spiders to the other side of my wreath!

 My spiders were originally clear glow in the dark spiders. I spray painted them black and added some fun sparkles to them. The night after I made my wreath I went outside and saw that my spiders still glow in the dark! Happy Surprise!

I absolutely adore the way it turned out! Aside from possibly adding a few more purple flowers to the mix, I am so happy with how it turned out!

Now go make your own Halloween wreath!

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