Thursday, October 18, 2012

{A Blue Family Room Inspiration Board} - By Jenna Allen

Hi! This is Jenna again, so glad to be here! 

Today I thought I'd share a little inspiration board with you.
I was contacted by a client who had painted her whole great room area a soft blue, and then kind of regretted it because it seemed cold & stark. The thought of asking her husband to "repaint" pretty much killed her, so we totally worked with it! 

I put together this board for her, when you have such a cool color all over your walls you need to bring in a lot of pattern, to keep things grounded. Also, it helps to add different saturations of the main color to give depth. 

Another great tip is to add a lot of texture. Think knit rug, linen pillows, embroidered pillows, textured light fixtures, wood lamps. All of those textures will help a room feel put together & warm even if the color is in the cool spectrum.

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  1. I just painted my family room/dining room/kitchen a very soft gray blue. I love it and have it paired with dark grays and punches of green! Thanks for the inspiration to add to what I've already got!


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