Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{3 Tricks That Help Stop the Need to Munch}

The Health Challenge has started...We are on day 3...Maybe you have the munchies but you really aren't hungry...Maybe you really want that piece of Halloween candy but want to be good.... What do you do?

 I have been there and have figured out three tricks that work for me to stop the munchies. I am going to share them with you in hopes they might work for you too.

1.) Drink a large glass of water. 

I am sure you have heard that before. A lot of times when you feel the need to munch it is because  you are just thirsty. So next time drink a glass of water before giving in.


2.) Chew Gum

You will almost always find a pack of cinnamon gum in my purse or car. When I have the munchies or craving something sugary I will pop a piece of gum in my mouth. It satisfies the need to chew. Plus when I am chewing gum I definitely am not going to be tempted to eat something. That is just gross.... food mixed with gum. YUCK!  This works best if you use Cinnamon or Minty gum. If you chew a fruity flavor you will most likely make the munchies worse.  At least that is what happens to me.

3.) Brush Your Teeth

When all else fails I run to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I use a minty toothpaste so my mouth feels clean and fresh. This trick almost ALWAYS takes the munchies away. The minty aftertaste makes food taste gross plus I don't want to ruin that clean feeling.

{Picture Source - Sulfate Free}

Is there a trick that works for you? Leave a comment and share it with us.

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  1. I found tea works real well for me!

  2. Drinking a large glass of water does it for me or eating a small serving of veggies or fruit helps to stop sugar munchie craving.

  3. I find that I usually get the munchies if I'm stressed out about something. So if I stop and realize that stress is the real reason I want to eat something, and that I'm not really hungry- it helps.

  4. I just love food period :) but I have gotten into green smoothies the past year. They have helped me with a number of things. But one is the need to munch. When I am really craving something sweet or am needing a snack I will go in my fridge and grab a green smoothie. I'm eating something yummy, killing my snack attack, and getting all my fruits and veggies in. YUM!

  5. I usually eat some prechopped veggies! I found if I have them ready in my fridge they are more easily accessed.

    I have also found that the munchies are WAY worse when I am tired. If I go to bed on time and get up on time I do better eating all day

  6. While doing this challenge, I am also logging everything I eat on as well as my excersizing. takes your weight, height, and age and calculates how many calories you are alloted to have a day. Then you can tell the computer wheher you want to lose weight or stay at the weight you are at and it will adjust accordingly. Then it tracks everything you eat, and how many calories you burn while you exercise. Then, when you log the food you have eaten that day it tracks if you are over or under on calories, fat, carbs, vitamins, sodium, calcium, etc. The cool part is that you get to pick and choose what to track everyday! What they reccomend, is if you are still hungry after the alloted calories you have that day, exercise! Usually after I exercise i'm not really hungry, and if you still have the need to munch( and by munch i mean fruit veggies or crackers or even protein), you can do it without fear of weight gain because you've just burned the calories. If anyone has any questions just reply to the post! :) Hope this helps!

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  8. These are all fabulous ideas! Thank you for all the input.


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