Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{How to Edit a Picture Tutorial -- Submit Your Photo}

As I have mentioned before, I {LOVE} to edit photographs! In fact I get asked all the time how I edit. So here you go a tutorial on how I edited this picture.

My dear friend sent this one to me and I simply adore it! It was pretty underexposed but I was able to save it.

I edit using Photo Shop CS4. I know there are newer editions but haven't felt the need to upgrade yet. I use photo shop actions on ALL of my edits. The main ones I use are from  MCP ACTIONS .

  1. Ran Noiseware on the Full Noise Reduction setting. 
  2. Merged the layers together. 
  3. Ran Midtone lifter action at 100% (MCP ACTIONS - BAG OF TRICKS).
  4. Made a Curves Adjustment to brighten up the photo a bit more.  
  5. Merged the layers together.
  6. Ran Noiseware on Full Noise Reduction setting one more time. 
  7. Merged once again.
  8. Ran Clarity action on default setting. Masked back the faces.(MCP ACTIONS - BAG OF TRICKS).
  9.  Ran Magical Color Finder Intense action (MCP ACTIONS - BAG OF TRICKS)  went over the entire picture at 50% then masked backed the skin.
  10. Ran Fake Blue Sky Illusion at 40% (MCP ACTIONS - BAG OF TRICKS). 
  11. Ran  Magical Contrast action (MCP ACTIONS - BAG OF TRICKS) used the Low contrast at 62% and masked back the skin.
  12. Ran Magic Skin action  (MCP ACTIONS) at 26% masked back the water and jackets.
  13. Did a Photo Shop Vibrance Adjustment. Did Vibrance 11% and Saturation 10%. Masked back the skin.
  14. Ran Crystal Clear Web Sharpening Action (MCP ACTIONS) this prepares your image to upload to the Internet.

Do you have a picture you LOVE? Submit your High Resolution images to:
{ the polka dot pixies @ gmail (dot) com } for a chance to have it edited by me. By submitting your image you give me permission to share a before and after on the Internet.

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