Friday, September 7, 2012

{Friday Favorites - Books}

Growing up my parents always read to us as a family. They would choose a chapter book they thought we would all enjoy and we would all gather around and listen and imagine what was happening. My favorite book they read to us was Saddle Shoe Blues.
  {Growing up in the 1950's, a young  girl copes with a reading disability and becomes friends with a girl from a poor family.}


We have carried on the tradition with our own family. My kids love when it is family reading time. Our family LOVES the Spiderwick Chronicles. It is about mythical creatures and an adventure of a lifetime. When we finished the series we watched the movie.

My 5 year adores these 2 books. The pigeon has really funny one liners. Some of the things he says children say too. The other Pigeon books are on his Christmas list this year. They are a definite must have for young children.

When my 8 year old starts of one these books he can't put them down. He thinks they are hilarious. I on the other hand think they are gross. They have a lot of boy humor in them.

My 9 year old loves the Percy Jackson Series. They are full of adventure. She read each book really fast and they are THICK! She has started the second series and can't wait for the release of the second book.

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