Thursday, September 20, 2012

{Cinnamon Pear Leather Recipe}

Pear Recipe #4 - {Cinnamon Pear Leather}

We eat a lot of 100% natural fruit leathers around our house. We buy the big box from Costco. My children love them in their lunches, for an after school snack and we even take them to the movies instead of candy.  I have seen lots of people make their own fruit leather and have been really wanting to try it. My mom let me borrow her dehydrator  so decided to try and make our own pear leather.  It didn't take very long at all to finish and it has definitely been my kids favorite out of everything I made with our pears. I am now in the market to buy my own dehydrator because I know we will use it all the time. 

Cinnamon Pear Leather

10 Pears, Ripe, slightly soft
1 tsp. Ground Cinnamon
1 TBS. Honey

First, line the top of your dehydrator trays with parchment paper.

 (I leave the skin on the pears for this recipe.)

Cut pears in half and remove core then place them in food processor. Add the Cinnamon and Honey. Process until smooth.

Pour the pears equally onto each dehydrated tray lined with parchment paper. Spread evenly then place each tray into the dehydrator. 

Follow directions for time and setting for your particular dehydrator. My Cinnamon Pear Leather took about 4-5 hours to fully dehydrate at the fruit setting. 

When it is done just roll up with the parchment paper and place in plastic container to store. 

This batch made 2.5 trays.  I Typically double this batch to make 5 trays.

If you don't have a dehydrator here is a recipe on how to make your own fruit leather in the oven. 

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