Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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I don't know if you are like me, but I tend to feel like I need to apologize when people come over if the floor isn't swept, dishes are in the sink, or the pillows aren't perfectly fluffed on the couch. You will often hear me say "please excuse our mess". Or "I am so sorry it is a mess, I haven't been home".  Sometimes you might find me mopping my floor before a group including kids are coming over. Even though I KNOW the floor  will probably look worse after everyone leaves.

My dear friend said something while visiting her home. It has stuck with me ever since.  I don't even remember what we were talking about or how she came to say this but she is very wise.  She always says, "If you want to see me, come anytime. If you want to see my house, you have to make an appointment.

She NEVER apologized if there were a few dishes in the sink or if her kids had made a mess of their toys all over the living room or her floor wasn't mopped. She knew they lived there and she wasn't going to apologize for it.  Her house is darling and has a sweet spirit everyone enjoys. She is constantly serving others and I know she has more best friends than anyone I know. I am grateful for her words of wisdom.

When I get in the my house needs to be perfect mind set I stop and try to think about what she said. We live in this house. My pillows aren't always going to be perfectly fluffed, dishes might be in the sink from yesterday, and you might see a pile of laundry in the corner. That's ok! We Live Here.

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