Friday, July 27, 2012

{ Pandora - Internet Radio }

One of my favorite things right now is Pandora Internet Radio. I listen to it when I am on the computer or use my iPhone and hook it right into our home surround sound. I love being able to listen to my favorite music depending on my mood.

You can look up different artists, genres, or even songs.
My favorite radio stations right now are Norah Jones and Michael Buble'. Usually on those stations I hear songs from Frank Sinatra, John Meyer, Jack Johnson, Amos Lee and so many others with that same style of music.

The other night I was listening to Michale Buble' station while making dinner and a big band swing song came on. It took me back in time when my sisters and I would dance out hearts out to this type of music. I actually remembered a few of the steps and taught them to my children. They thought it was so much fun and didn't want to stop. So I found a Big Band station on Pandora and we kept dancing. 

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