Monday, July 30, 2012

{Origami Owl GIVEAWAY}

I am doing a Giveaway for my Origami Owl jewelry over at CLASSY CLUTTER . Make sure you hop on over to their cute blog to find out how you can win! GOOD LUCK!

These Living Lockets are seriously AMAZING! You customize your own locket with charms to tell your own story. They come in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

These wish lockets come on a 32" inch chain. They come with an adorable mini pearl and a slip of paper to write down your wish. You can keep your wish close to your heart!

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  1. I am in love with your Wishing lockets. So adorable! I found your site through Classy Clutter.

  2. Thanks Meagan! They are really fun to wear too!

  3. These are gorgeous!!! This will be a must have gift for my 13 year old daughter and of course I MUST have one as well! Thanks Classy Clutter for sharing!

  4. Hi Christy, these lockets are so much fun. They absolutely make the best gifts. How would you design your lockets?

  5. However do you decide? They're all ridiculously cute!

  6. I know they are all so cute. A lot of women who have several different necklaces. They will choose a rosegold for their Love story, Silver for their family story, gold one for an all about them. etc. You can always host a jewelry bar at your home to earn hostess rewards. Women are buying these necklaces like candy. I have so many women seriously BEG me to order a necklace or BEG me to be invited to my next Jewelry Bar. It has been soooo much fun!


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